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It is diabolical system that results in the killing of black people in their homes by police! Whoever denied the racism in the criminal justice system must rethink their views or acknowledge their racism! Speak up: Bishops, cardinals, church leaders @blacklivesmatter #ENDRacism


Rev. Dr. Samuel Cruz


"La Casita Comunal de Sunset Park"

Presentaron en El Mes de la

Herencia Hispana

Su Grupo de Danza



A night of learning fun

and fellowship

Envisioned by veteran community leaders Maricruz Rivera Clemente and Marta Moreno VegaCorredor Afro  will be a center for empowerment for Afro Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Diasporan communities.

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Located in historic Piñones, Loíza, Puerto Rico, Corredor Afro will create a network of artists, scholars,  and community leaders focused on racial, cultural, social, and economic justice. Here, community residents will be trained in creative hand crafts, culinary arts and new technologies that will enable them to develop thriving micro-businesses. 

Corredor Afro will be a safe space for the reclamation and restoration of African cultures, spirituality, and traditions. Those who gather here will generate content-driven, educational materials focused on the histories, contributions and contemporary contributions of Afro Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Diaspora communities.

Through cultural education exchange programs, Corredor Afro will enhance the understanding of African cultural experiences, legacies and historical experiences--experiences which inform the creative richness of our communities, but that have been historically disenfranchised and marginalized. Centering these African contributions will highlight the misinformation and miseducation perpetuated over time and replace those false narratives with a legacy of dignity and justice.

We urge you to support this vital project today!

Reverend Doctor Samuel Cruz and Mr. Jose Candelario
Trinity Lutheran Church
Brooklyn, NY