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Welcome to our website! Bienvenidos! 

I invite you today to consider an open and real connection between you and our faith community. Here in Sunset Park, Trinity Lutheran Church has been a voice of hope and a celebration of life for over 100 years. Our church works to live the gospel of God’s grace in this diverse and growing community. We are a multiethnic/multicultural congregation that once received Norwegians, and now Latinos from almost every Latin American and Caribbean country, including Asians and Afro-Caribbean peoples. With a spirit of creativity and compassion for all, we offer a variety of programs and ministries for children, te Trinity Church is here to serve you and to listen carefully to your heart and your needs. We stand with you in weekly prayer and community gatherings. Please contact us for an informal conversation or if you wish a home visit from us. We are here for you in Christian love and real hope in this neighborhood.

Peace to you.
Pastor Sam

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